$20.00 per person ($30.00 CASH ONLY on Event Day)
ALL Participants MUST Read the Rules, and agree to the Assumption of Risk . Click the link to print the form(s).
Bring your internet payment confirmation with you if you register electronically. Minors MUST have an assumption of risk form signed by a Parent or Guardian. Bring a copy of you registration form with you if you register by mail. We’ll have extra risk forms at check-in if you forget or lose it, but bringing it will speed up the process. Registration the day of the event is $30.00, so pre-register and save.

To Register and PAY online:

1) Press “Pay Now” button to pay online via Paypal (no account required to pay via Credit Card).

2) Pay. Fill in contestant name in message box on paypal. PRINT out reciept for entry to the event. bring it with you for expedited check-in.

3) You can register more than one person at a time. Register, and select: “Quantity” for additional contestants. Any additional contestants NEED to fill-out and sign the”Assumption of Risk”. There is a check box that will open a text box for additional information on the paypal gateway- just put in the name(s) of the extra people.

4) After payment you’ll be be re-directed to a page where you can print out any forms, maps, etc. you may need, or have missed. BRING SIGNED ASSUMPTION OF RISK FORM with you or check-in will be slowed down.

Cut off Dates:


See you tomorrow at Antero Reservoir !


Register by Mail: Postmarked no later than Monday, January 12, 2015

1) Please print out the Registration form. Read it. Fill it out. Sign it. Mail it with your check.

2) Please print out the Assumption of Risk Form. Read it. Sign it. Mail it with your check.

3) Please make your check out to CUSP

Mail to:

Attn: AIFC
P.O. Box 726
Lake George, Co. 80827