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 1.Unsportsman-like conduct will be grounds for disqualification! Please be courteous.

2.Please be courteous to Parks and Wildlife and Coalition for the Upper South Platte employees as well as event staff
volunteers who may approach you.


3. All Colorado Parks and Wildlife Fishing Regulations shall apply.

4.Gates open at 6:00 a.m. You may commence drilling, however NO FISHING before 7:00 a.m.

5.You may not leave Antero Reservoir and return once the tournament begins without permission from a tournament official.

6.No party fishing – this is an individual fishing tournament – all anglers fishing with you MUST be entered in the tournament – no exceptions.

7.All fish to be weighed must be free of ice and other debris before they are weighed.

8.Decisions of judges are FINAL!

9. Winning fish determined by weight only. Ties may be broken by length

10.Weight master has the right to gut fish for closer inspection.

11. Contestants must be present to win.

12. It is your responsibility to allow yourself enough time to safely get back to weigh-in. Deadline is 2:00 pm. No exceptions.

13.Do not leave litter behind on the ice, pack out what you pack in.

14. You are allowed to keep 8 trout per contestant(2015 ONLY).

15. You are allowed to weigh-in before 2:00 pm, but ONLY one fish per contestant.

16. There will be no refunds: all proceeds will benefit Antero Reservoir.

17. We encourage the removal of all suckers caught.

18. Be Careful, Have Fun, and Good Luck!

19. No Live Minnows as Bait.

Fish Weigh-In on South Shore Only- Be in Line by 2:00 P.M.